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From Penn State to State Pen

December 7, 2011

 From Penn State to State Pen

A colossal story has stunned not only the world of collegiate athletics, but also the world in general. This story goes much deeper than football and “horsing around.” It’s not about players getting tattoos or being paid, it makes all recent, albeit many, college scandals pale in comparison. If you delve deep into the story, you will be amazed at its magnitude.

So you might’ve heard recently about this whole Jerry Sandusky, Penn State scandal thing. The Sandusky story is ubiquitous today. The story re-emerged in 2010 after the Harrisburg Patriot-News broke the story on Sandusky being the subject of a grand jury investigation.

The cover-up that is now being exposed was deemed necessary by the brass of PSU. Now remember, this scandal, these alleged sexual assaults, didn’t occur last week. They were ongoing, possibly over the course of 40+ years. Penn State was well aware of Sandusky’s actions due to prior inquiries and after his retirement in 1999 gave Sandusky free reign of the school’s athletic facilities and even his own office. This scandal is partly due to the cover-up by PSU, but does it have conspiracy element?

This story goes beyond football and retirees run amuck. In 1998, Sandusky was the subject of an investigation led by PA District Attorney Roy Gricar. Gricar opted not to prosecute Sandusky, which today is drawing a lot of criticism. The unfortunate thing is that no one knows where to address these criticisms because Gricar vanished without a trace in April 2005. Police said they’ve determined Gricar’s disappearance and the Sandusky case are not related. One PSU student thinks that the cases could definitely be linked—that makes two of us.

“With the power that Penn State holds and who they knew, I could see them being behind his disappearance. So much that was hidden before is coming out, and it seems they (PSU) would do anything to protect their brand,” said a PSU student who wished to remain anonymous.

A public relations nightmare, the scandal has cut out Penn State’s work for them. The early solution to show PSU was active in solving their problems was to clean house. On November 9, PSU President Graham Spanier lost his job and the once infallible head coach Joe Paterno was fired. Did these drastic measures calm the public outcry for action? Not even close, says one Penn State student.

“I’m disgusted. Where were our leaders during the whole ordeal? I didn’t hear anything from President Spanier until it was about him losing his job, ” said Craig Stone a senior at Penn State.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, sales of clothing with the PSU name have already dropped 40%. Correlations between statistics like this and the scandal will only increase with time. This scandal has permanently tarnished the once respected PSU name, reputation and brand. The long-term effects on the university that will influence admissions, patronage and so much more are starting to emerge and will be seen on into the future. This is only the beginning.